Coronavirus Policy

pet sitting coronavirus

Coronavirus Policy

To keep everyone safe we have implemented the following Coronavirus policy.


We will check the temperature of every staff member every day.

Initial Consultation

To maintain social distancing we will hold all initial consultations via FaceTime or WhatsApp video.

Key Pickup

Please disinfect keys before handing them over. Where possible, we will ask you to post them through our letterbox.

Key Drop Off

Keys will be disinfected and dropped through your letterbox.

House Visits

Facemask will be worn during each visit.

All surfaces that we touch will be sanitised with anti-bacterial spray and kitchen roll.

Hand sanitiser will be used before and after each visit.

We will thoroughly wash our hands before and after every appointment. 

We have made the decision not to make gloves compulsory because of the environmental impact. However, if you would prefer us to wear gloves we are happy to do that. We have plenty of supplies.

Where possible we will only use your equipment (dustpan & brush, cat litter scoops, poop scoops etc). However, we have plenty of sterilised equipment and if we need to use our own equipment they will be used once before being sterilised again overnight.

We will limit the amount of time we spend indoors. Where possible, fuss and play will be done outside.

Dog Walks

Because we only walk dogs from one household we don’t need to implement any special Coronavirus policies.

When we arrive please have the dog ready to be walked and on its leash. 

Whilst we are out and about we will keep a safe distance from other people and walkers.

Pet Pictures

Because it is difficult to keep mobile phones clean we may not be able to take pet pictures.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help and we are happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.