Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


All fees are to be paid in advance.

You can pay by bank transfer, paypal or cash anytime up to and including the day you leave. Cash can be left out for us to collect on the first visit of your booking. We do not accept cheques.

Failure to pay may result in your service being cancelled and your pet being placed into a local cattery.

Any client refusing to pay will receive a Late Payment letter with an added £35 administration cost. Constant refusal to settle your fee will lead to court action and costs.

Rates are subject to change.


New Clients

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting will visit all new clients to discuss your requirements, meet your pets and collect all the information we need. This meeting is for information gathering and does not guarantee we will be able to accept your booking. A small non-refundable deposit may be required which will be deducted off your first booking.



All bookings will be confirmed by email. Clients are not required to reply to this email but if you have not received a confirmation email you must phone to check, in case of a technical glitch.

Please be aware that once a booking has been confirmed Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting will always provide the service agreed unless you cancel the booking.

Refunds due to cancelled trips or early return are at the sole discretion of Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting reserve the right to refuse service at any time.


Home Visits

Visiting hours are between 7 am and 7 pm.

All pet food, cat litter and medications must be provided by the client. Please make sure you leave enough food, cat litter etc. to last the duration of the booking. If Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting have to purchase more food or litter the client will be charged.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting provides a basic clean-up of cat sick/furballs/poop but is not liable for any stains left by your pet. If any floorboards, upholstery, carpets needing professional cleaning due to your pet, this is the responsibility of the client.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting is not liable for any damage that a pet may cause to its owner’s property. This includes any damage caused by a trapped pet being retrieved e.g. under floorboards, within a sofa etc.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting is not liable for any pets who run away.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting is not liable for any pets who become ill due to a change to routine.

Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting is not responsible for key or lock replacements through no fault of their own. Clients must ensure the keys they provide work. Clients must make us aware of any faulty or damaged locks. If a lock fails, or you have given us the wrong keys, you give Nice and Cuddly Pet Sitting permission to gain entry to your home using the services of a locksmith, at your own cost.